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How To Run A Lol Ping Test From Round The Earth

league of legends

You play LOL game to enjoy fun, relax, and also battle yourself. You definitely don't play with it while the game lags which means you are able to control your meditation breathing. A server lag can result in conquer -- by virtue of this frustration even more than the actual lag.

You've likely accomplished everything you can on your side so you are able to play League of Legends using the absolute minimal of lag. Using a desktop that meets the minimal system specifications to your game, using a wired online relationship and turning off virus scanning software can benefit things.

However, that's not enough. At the end of your evening, lag comes down to your connection to the game server you have picked. However, how do you really know that game server to pick?

You could log into and outside of the game, selecting different servers to find out which seems the fastest. But that takes up the time. And also you'd simply be guessing which machine was fastest.

Or you could opt for the server which is closest to you assuming the shorter the length, the faster the ping. This may perhaps possibly not possibly be the situation, based on a selection of facets.

A league of legends ping test will enable you to know exactly that host will provide you with the least lag just before you begin playingwith.

Ping Testing -- that the Challenging Approach

Just before you begin, you're want to find the IP addresses of those servers you need to ping. These change with time to get a variety of reasons. An online search should cause one towards the latest addresses.

In a few seconds, you will achieve the outcomes of this league ping test at milliseconds. To test different servers, you're want a text file (or whatever you want ) featuring all of the ip-addresses. That way you can copy and paste them one after a second because you test every single one in turn.

Trade Precision to get Ease

Additionally, there are quite always certainly a number of websites that will check League of Legends server lag period using a click or two. These websites ping through http in the place of the command console procedure, therefore they could go back an estimate of ping time. It's always likely to be accurate than other procedures.

Have Everything

Dotcom Monitor's Ping Test solution offers the accuracy of the hard way together with the capability of the easy manner. Like the command console method, you're have to know the IP addresses of the different servers. Unlike this particular system, you have to enter the IP addresses no copying and pasting around and repeatedly.

You can spare a test and conduct it once you are about to get started playing. You may quickly learn which host offers the speediest ping time, so you may connect for frustration-free perform with.

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